People Helper

I love doing the responsibilities that aren’t in my job description and giving a dollar to a homeless person when the occasion arises. Helping people feels good.

Problem Solver

I love challenging myself with solving problems. If I don’t know the answer, I am able to find the solution online and figure it out.

Task Completer

I love what I do and I’m fast. If I promise I’m going to get something done by a certain date and don’t get it done, I feel terrible. Experience has taught me to work smarter not harder.

Consistent Learner

I closely follow industry related websites, authorities and influencers. I love staying up to date with the latest and most popular marketing tools, news & trends.


Web Design 90%
Graphic Design 75%
Logo Design 50%
Email Design 50%
UI Design 25%

CSS 90%
HTML 75%
PHP 50%
Javascript 25%
jQuery 25%

Local SEO 90%
SEO 75%
Content Marketing 25%
Social Media Marketing 50%
AdWords 50%