Qualities & Skills

I Help People

I do extra responsibilities that aren’t in my job description. I give a dollar to the homeless person asking for a dollar. Both inside and outside of work, I can’t stop helping people. It feels good. Why not. I don’t think about it or expect anything in return.

I Solve Problems

Whether I know how to do it or not, I like to challenge myself with solving problems. Can you fix my computer? Do you know how to do this? If I don’t know the answer, I am able to find the solution quickly and apply it to the problem.

I Get Things Done

I love what I do and I’m fast. Real fast. Faster than most. If I promise I’m going to get something done by a certain date and don’t get it done, I feel terrible. Experience has taught me to work smarter not harder.

I Enjoy Communication

Most problems in life can be resolved with the proper communication. I love engaging with coworkers in the office and meeting new people during my travels. From jokes to arguments, a strong team far exceeds the capabilities of an individual.



  • Web Design 90%
  • Graphic Design 75%
  • Logo Design 50%
  • Email Design 50%
  • UI Design 25%


  • CSS 90%
  • HTML 75%
  • PHP 50%
  • Javascript 25%
  • jQuery 25%


  • Local SEO 90%
  • SEO 75%
  • Content Marketing 25%
  • Social Media Marketing 50%
  • AdWords 50%

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